Robert Creamer

Robert Creamer and The Story of a Town

In 1964, during the 300th Anniversary of the Town of Eastchester, 1664-1964: The Story of a Town, a well-researched and impeccably written booklet, was published to celebrate this special Tri-Centennial year.

Robert Creamer, who was a pre-eminent sports writer and editor at the time, drew from his rich personal and professional background to assemble a soft-covered book of 44 pages that would serve as a Robert_Creamerhistory of Eastchester for years to come.  A lifelong town resident, senior editor at Time Inc.’s Sports Illustrated from its inception in 1954 to 1984, Creamer was the author of several books centered on his beloved sport of baseball.  Before his death in 2012, Bob Creamer was often seen as a television commentator on baseball.  But, he was also Tuckahoe Village Historian and president of the Eastchester Historical Society.  Using his many talents and drawing from his love of his hometown, Creamer contributed graceful prose to compiling the town’s history.

Detailed research for the book Bob Creamer wrote was provided by Harriet Bianchi and Phyllis Knowles, the members of the Eastchester Historical Society whose efforts to preserve and make accessible Eastchester’s 17th, 18th and 19th century records are legendary.  Their accurate transcriptions of the earliest hand-written town documents wasarchive final their legacy gift to the Tri-Centennial Celebration.  Until their deaths, both women assisted in storing and cataloging Eastchester’s rich papers and books according to the best archival principles and methods. The Town Clerk’s Archives at Town Hall was dedicated in the mid-1990s to the memory of these ladies for their remarkable contributions as history keepers.

1664-1964: The Story of a Town was distributed to the entire community and is still treasured by many of the older residents as a first rate account that tells much about the history of the town of Eastchester and her two villages, Tuckahoe and Bronxville.  Copies of the multi-volume transcriptions of the early town historical records were distributed in binder format to historical societies, schools and libraries throughout Westchester County.

A pdf of  1664-1964: The Story of a Town is available here.300_bug

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