Historically Speaking

Historically Speaking

40. Tenement, ca. 1930's

40. Tenement, ca. 1930′s

A collection of articles written by Town Historian Richard Forliano for published in The Town Report are available below.  These articles cover both old and recently discovered information about the history of the Town.  A complete list of the articles published between 2006 and 2011 can be found in the index .

Colonial Times through American Revolution

A1. Anne Hutchinson, Eastchester and the Founding of Harvard
A2. The Beginnings of Eastchester
A3. Beginnings of Eastchester’s First Noel
A4. Most Asked Question
A5. Eastchester’s Unknown French Connection
A6. African American heritage of Eastchester
A7. Eastchester’s African Heritage -Part 1 of series
A8. Plight of Slaves 1664-1822 – Part 2 of series
A9. Eastchester 200 Years Ago
A10. The Ignored Significance of Faith in the Heritage of Eastchester
A11. Longest Lasting Legacy of Eastchester
A12. Eastchester and the Battle of Pelham
A13.Washington’s Unknown Soldier

Post American Revolution through Civil War
1784 – 1860

B1. Tuckahoe Cotton Factory
B2. The Advent of the Tuckahoe Marble Industry
B3. Here Comes the Train 1850
B4. Freedom and free blacks in Eastchester
B5. The First Great Real Estate Boom 1850-1860
B6. The Untold Story of Groups that Started Eastchester
B7. Annie’s Song The Great Hunger
B8. Annie’s Song Life among the Quarrymen
B9. The Irish in America Survival and the Catholic Church
B10. The Ignored Significance of Faith in the Heritage of Eastchester
B11. The Irish Survival and the Church

Civil War
1861 – 1865

C1. The Civil War
C2. Draft Riot July 1863
C3. Abe Lincoln Comes to Town for the First Time
C4. Waverly and the Civil War
C5. The Crater June 30, 1864
C6. Black History and the Civil War Legacy
C7. Insights into the Irish Community after the Civil War

Post Civil War to Advent of 20th Century

D1. The Irish Community after the Civil War
D2. A.T. Steward and the Irish
D3.  The Most Interesting Man in the World
D4. Stewart and the Quarry Workers 1869
D5. Sebastopol Eastchester
D6. Irish Americans in Town 1850-1900
D7. From Farm to Suburb
D8. More on the Irish Heritage of the Town 19th Century

Early Twentieth Century
1900 – 1929

E1. Story of the Incorporation of the Two Villages
E2. The Horse and the Chicken
E3. History of Caring the Last 100 years
E4. Ties that Bind
E5. A brief history of golf in Eastchester
E6. The Deadliest of Times
E7. The Impact of the Spanish Flu on Eastchester
E8. Exodus of the Italians 1890-1929
E9. Alfonso’s Story: The Arrival of the Italians
E10. Italian Contractors, Builders, Masons and Workers
E11. So Many Miles Before We Rest I
E12. So Many Miles Before We Rest II
E13. Hard Work Discipline and Reverence
E14. La Famiglia – Carmela Vaccaro
E15. The Assumption Church, 100 years old
E16. The Saga of the Irish and Italians in Town
E17. An Eastchester Cold Case
E18. The Three School Systems 1899 -1929

The Great Depression

F1. Manny Tavolilla and Henry Norman
F2. Introduction to Ten Articles on Great Depression
F3. Eastchester Identity Crisis 1929
F4. Division within the Town 1930
F5. The Coming of the Great Depression 1932
F6. Welfare Eastchester Style 1933
F7. Hard Times 1934
F8. A Snapshot of Tuckahoe 1935
F9. The Thesis that Tore Down the Tenements
F10. Success of Slum Clearance 1937-1941
F11. Reflections on the Great Depression in Town – Part I
F12. Reflections on the Great Depression II
F13. The Sport of Boxing (1899-1939)
F14. Milt Gibbons and the Police Athletic League
F15. Jack Vecciarelli

World War II

G1. Eastchester’s Beginnings and WW II
G2. Eddie Heizenger Tuckahoe Police Associates and WW II
G3. The First to Die Part-1
G4. The First to Die-Part II
G5. Call to Arms or Why They Fought Part I
G6. Why They Fought Part II
G7. Special Exhibit to Honor War Dead
G8. Six Boys and 13 Hands…
G9. Hard Work, Discipline and Reverence
G10. Greatness on the Gridiron
G11. Why Greatness Al Carapella

General: Articles that do not fit into a time period

H1. Longest Lasting Legacy of Eastchester (repeated from above)
H3. The Eastchester Historical Society and the One Room School House
H4. The One Room School House
H5. The Importance of Birthdays
H6. The Need for Historic Preservation
H7. In Search of Heroes 
H8. Frank Bianco – Start of Little League 
H9. Triumphant Birth of Little League 1954-1956 
H10. Field of Dreams
H11. Al Tarcinale 


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