Our History


Our History


A. T. Stewart House ca. 1900

Archive of Original Records

Part of Eastchester’s special history is an archive of original records that has survived from the past 350 years. These documents have been preserved and are accessible to educators, students and American history enthusiasts. Several of the most significant ones from the New York State Archives, Westchester County Archives, the Westchester County Historical Society, the Eastchester Historical Society and the Town Clerk’s Office are presented here.


Photographs & Other Images

In addition to historical documents, photographs and other images, such as engravings, drawings and maps, are also offered for reference purposes and discovery. This catalog has been organized by the communities of Eastchester, Tuckahoe and Bronxville and has a fourth section for St. Paul’s Church.


Historians’ Corner

Historians’ Corner features secondary source materials, such as Town Historian Richard Forliano’s “Historically Speaking” columns from the Town Report and how to access the Louis Torres Collection of research underpinning his 1976 seminal book Tuckahoe Marble: The Rise and Fall of An Industry, 1822 – 1920.

This section also includes a copy of 1664-1964:  The Story of a Town, which was written and edited by life-long resident and professional author Robert Creamer and researched by dedicated archivists Harriet Bianchi and Phyllis Knowles during the Tri-Centennial of 1964. There are also gems from former resident Vincent Bellew’s “Our Town” columns, published in the old Eastchester Record. Rounding out this section are samples from Michael P. Fix’s remarkable exhibit honoring the town’s war veterans: “Hero Next Door.” For those especially interested in Bronxville’s past, please refer to the Bronxville Historical Conservancy website.


A Database of Local Authors

A database of local authors from our three communities, which lists authorial works and dates, is being compiled by the town’s three library directors, Tracy Wright from Eastchester, Swadesh Pachnanda from Tuckahoe and the database’s principal editor, Gabriella Radujko from Bronxville.  Contact us with your suggestions for adding local authors’ names, titles, etc. to this database.


Town Organizations

“Keeping the Covenant,” the 350th Anniversary theme, was selected to demonstrate how town residents over many years put the words of that document into action and continue to do so.  The current Town Organizations whose histories are linked to this site or included here are testament to the inspirational words of the founding families’ covenant with each other to “help and counsel each other, keep and maintain civil honest and deal plainly with each other.”   Please complete the Civic and Service Organization Entry Form to add your group’s story to this amazing collection.

The section includes major institutions, first responders, public schools and libraries, historical societies and educational groups, houses of worship, neighborhood associations, parochial and private schools, recreational/athletic association and clubs, service organizations and veterans groups.


Other Local Websites

Other local websites such as the Westchester County Archives and the Westchester County Historical Society offer digitized records of Eastchester, Tuckahoe and Bronxville, placed in historical context and accompanied by finding aids. These online treasures include digital maps, photographs and other collections related to the three towns, such as county parks and parkways.


For further reference, see these related websites:
New York State Archives’ website
New York State Historical Records Advisory Board:
this site offers a “ how to” guide for taking care of your own family’s history.
Saint Paul’s National Historic Site Website (where Eastchester was founded)
Eastchester Historical Society
Village of Bronxville Village History
Village of Tuckahoe
Village of Tuckahoe in Pictures
Westchester County Virtual Archives contains town records in the first three sections that are available online. Check out the site indexes to find the historical sources on each related to Eastchester, Tuckahoe or Bronxville.

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