Lawrence and Rose Labriola

 Lawrence Labriola

Lawrence and Rose Labriola started a landscape service business in 1936. Eastchester being a strong environment for the real estate paragon of suburbia, connectivity and relativity to the growth of Westchester and NYC.Labriola

The positive achievements as written in his newspaper articles and awards of his passion for humanity and philanthropy, equal opportunity and support towards community services and youth associations lives on in his reputation.

His passion to support his family, relatives, staff and long term employees with benefit programs, health insurance, pension, union employment and educations was equal opportunities at its best.

From his town of Eastchester and his reach to some of the Fortune 500 companies of Westchester and NYC, he continued on until the early 1970’s. At his passing, Rose Labriola decided to wind down the original Labriola landscape business and move to Old Saybrook, CT until her passing days.

The Labriola landscaping legacy roots are still growing but don’t fall far from the tree. Lawrence Sr.’s relatives, previous staff, employees all started successful businesses of their own, one more successful and specialized then the other.

We appreciate and enjoy the bountiful reputation of his and her passions.

Best Regards,

Carmine Lawrence Labriola,
Son of the late Lawrence Labriola Sr.
Related Sciences – Consultant

Bio of Lawrence Labriola
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25th Anniversary of Labriola Nurseries

Newspaper articles submitted by Mr. Labriola’s family have been scanned and are available here.

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