JIm Doody

Jim DoodyJames P. Doody

Supervisor of the Town of Eastchester, New York

As chief executive and administrative officer of the Town (population approximately 30,000 at the time), Jim was responsible for 275 full-time employees and a $17 million budget.  Some of his notable achievements while in office include:

• The consolidation and computerization of town departments;
• The refinancing of debt on Lake Isle Park enterprise and the subsequent accumulation of a $1 million surplus;
• The institution of cable television government access channel including live coverage of public meetings;
• The New York State reaccreditation and rearmament of the police department;
• The creation of a joint resident Metro North parking venture on Garth Road;
• The initiation of the Eastchester Youth Council, Summer Theater and DARE Program;
• The expansion of the Senior Citizen Nutrition Center at Lake Isle Park; and
• Improvements in the Highway Department.
• The Institution of a comprehensive Recycling Program for the Town.

During his tenure, Jim also served as Counsel and President (1990-1991) of the Westchester Putnam Association of Town Supervisors and Advisor and President (1992-1993) of the Advisory Board for Intergovernmental Relations (Westchester 2000).  He was also an active member of each of the following organizations:  Rotary International, National Parent Teacher Association, Knights of Columbus, American Irish Association of Westchester, the Friendly Sons of Saint Patrick of the City of New York and the Ancient Order of Hibernians.

While Jim’s achievements in office were many and through these he helped to build an effective town government, his greatest legacy may be the bipartisan, merit-based nature of his administration.  The first Democrat elected in 70 years as Town Supervisor, Jim strove to bring the highest level of professionalism to town government, appointing and hiring the best people for the job, regardless of political affiliation.  In a letter to the editor On January 11, 1994, constituent Charles Miller, summed up Jim’s tenure when he wrote, “with an air of quiet dignity, the town was professionally managed with integrity and not a hint of scandal and embarrassment.”

Finally, despite the countless hours Jim devoted to ensuring that the town ran smoothly, he may best be remembered for the more personal moments with his constituents—playing his accordion for the seniors at their St. Patrick’s party, comforting a constituent during a time of loss, attending opening day for a town sport or officiating at a wedding across from town hall.  These moments are the stuff of which a full and well-lived life is made and, in his time in office, Jim embraced them all.

Jim Doody was born in Ireland on June 10, 1946 and immigrated to America with is parents as a very young boy.  He attended Mount St. Michael High School in the Bronx, graduated from Fordham University and earned a law degree from Columbia University.   Jim died of brain cancer at the age of 56 in April of 2003.

The Jim Doody Foundation was founded to promote awareness of the prevalence and nature of brain tumors and the need for brain tumor research funding,raise the much needed funds to do so, and preserve the memory of Jim Doody.


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