Albanese Family

The Albanese Family in Eastchester


Bottom: Mildred (Carmella)
2nd Row: Irene, John, Fanny and Raymond
3rd Row: Andy, Albert, Jimmy and Ralph
4th Row: Raymond and Victor

The Albanese Family had a big part of building Eastchester into the wonderful Town we all are proud to live in. They were the children of Raymond and Deloris Albanese who immigrated to Eastchester from Italy just before the Second World War. They were a very poor family but a very proud family, a strong family that were able to stay together after Mom passed away while giving birth to Victor. The Albanese family consisted of 7 brothers and 3 sisters and they were a family. They were John (Loretta), Fanny (George Bellotti), Mildred (Fred Vescusi), Andy (Linda), Irene, Raymond (Marylou), Albert, Jimmy (Rosemary), Ralph and Victor (Betty).

All 10 children graduated from Eastchester High School and Albert and Ralph and Victor graduated from college Albert becoming an Oral Surgeon and Ralph was a very popular teacher at Eastchester High School. Andy started the family restaurant tradition by buying a bar in Waverly Square with the money he saved from his time in the service and took John in as a partner. Jimmy was the owner of the Pickwick Post Restaurant in Mill Road while Victor owned Albanese’s Wine and Liquor’s in Mill Road also. John, Andy and Jimmy became Volunteer Fire Fighters in the Eastchester FD. John became Fire Commissioner while Andy became a Deputy Chief (volunteer chief). John and Andy both became Town Councilman while Andy went on with his political career becoming elected to the County Legislator (serving for over 28 years and the longest running legislator up to date) and served as Chairman of the Board for 2 years. John was a member of the New York State Police. Waverly Square was named after John and there is a special meeting room in the County Office Building named after Andy as well as a handicap playground at the Saxon Woods Pool area. Andy had the honor of being selected as the B’nai B’rith “Man of the Year). During the years John and Andy had their restaurants they were a focal point not only in Eastchester but Westchester County as well. Andy was the Director of the Eastchester Office of Civil Defense.

The next generation of Albanese’s who settled in Eastchester also got involved with community service, Andy’s son Ray and John also joined the EFD as volunteer fire fighters while Ray followed his uncle John’s footsteps by being elected to the Board of Fire Commissioners and serving the fire board for over 31 years (the longest running Fire Commissioners in the history of the EFD up to date). Andy’s son John was president of the Wilmot Manor Civic Association while Ray was the Wilmot Manor “Man of the Year” and also the Lions Club “Man of the Year”. Although Andy’s third son,  Gregory settled in White Plains, he worked for the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office reaching the rank of Deputy Chief Investigator responsible for breaking several important cases in Eastchester, Tuckahoe and Bronxville. There is so much more about the Albanese Family in Eastchester but this gives you a picture of the family.

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